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2009-09-26 22:23:44 by majorhalo

Staring feels good, especially when you are staring outside. Makes you feel like there is nothing to worry about. Makes you STOP! Slow down, because what you remember were the most entertaining parts of your life. In your mind your concentrating on Accomplishments, such as reading this poem. Your understanding it, it's easy, at your own pace. Your own opinions make you feel elegant, such as judgment.
What makes you feel good, when you judge a person? Fist think of a person that you angrily hate, think of what is the easiest way to get rid of that person. Now take an Aggressive inhale, but steady exhale. Now stare...
J U S T G O A T Y O U R O W N P A C E....
Did that make you confused? Make you stressed? It says Just go at your own pace. Does that make you feel good now that you know what it means? The secret....
-Erick Swanson